TWO security guards at a Hereford supermarket tried to boost the spirits of NHS staff as they bought more than 100 Easter eggs for those working at Hereford County Hospital.

Jamie Vickery and Mike Thomas took it on themselves to buy Easter eggs which were left on the shelves at Waitrose at the Old Market after the holiday passed.

Mr Thomas said: “Between me and my colleague Jamie we just decided that because we have so many nurses come to the store, they get priority, but there were some Easter eggs left on the shelf so we just took them to the hospital to say thank you.

“It was like 130 eggs, it was just us two but Waitrose did give us a discount on them so Waitrose helped us out but it was mine and Jamie’s idea.

“We get so many nurses coming in and they all look tired because they’re working so hard and we thought we’d just show our appreciation.

The pair, who work for Elite Security, have been working seven days a week to ensure a visit to the supermarket is as safe as possible for shoppers, including limiting how many customers are in store at once.

Mr Thomas added: “We get a lot of comments from customers saying thank you for working, we’re security guards but when we’re trying to organise big queues we’re also trying to have a laugh and a joke to cheer them up.

“It’s not a good time for anyone but we just try to make it a good time when they’re waiting in the queue.

“It’s a good system they’ve got here, it’s nice and easy. We did have a few customers complaining about the one person rule, but I just take it on the chin and explain it to them. Nine time out of 10 they agree and that’s fine.”


Source: Security Guards Buy 130 Easter Eggs for NHS Staff – Hereford Times